Who We Are

MORR Dental Solutions is a trusted agent for those looking to buy or sell a dental practice. With a proven track record and a focus on personalized service, MORR offers our clients the advantage of extensive experience in the transition and valuation of dental practices—on both the local and national level.

Our team consists of seasoned Certified Public Accountants and Certified Valuation Analysts with deep industry experience on both the buyer and seller side. Yet, while we possess advanced financial knowledge and insight, our team does more than “crunch the numbers.” We take the time to better understand the nuances of your business, as well as your current and future needs and goals. With your unique profile in mind, we customize our services and approach to determine the best course of action—whether you’re looking to purchase a dental practice or transition away from day-to-day practice management.

We continue to grow our business by cultivating rewarding and enduring relationships with our clients, built upon our core values of social responsibility, confidentiality, integrity, creativity and dependability.

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