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Seller Representation:

MORR’s dedicated team is uniquely qualified to represent and transition dental group practices, especially in the $10 to 35 million dollar range. We understand the management headaches that go along with running and owning your business and can guide you to the next stage of your career and life—on your terms and with the utmost peace of mind. We’re ready to help you:

• Identify buyers who align with your financial and personal goals
• Valuate your practice
• Market your practice to the right kind of buyers
• Negotiate the complexities of the sales process
• Oversee and facilitate the steps around closing, negotiate closing documents, and manage relationships with banks and attorneys

Buyer Representation

The purchase of a dental practice is a significant decision that has far-reaching implications for your business. MORR understands this and works with you closely to identify opportunities that best align with your business needs and objectives. We have access to some of the premier dental practices in New England and can help you make informed decisions—every step of the process. Rely on our experts to:

• Identify practices that fit your style, objectives and budget
• Understand practice cashflow and debt
• Discern potential challenges and opportunities within the practice
• Ensure a smooth purchasing process, from the time the offer is accepted to the closing

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Our valuation expertise is focused exclusively on the dental industry and offers our clients a powerful edge. Our highly-trained team has successfully completed hundreds of dental practice valuations on both the local and national level.

Tax analysis:

The MORR team draws on its CPA expertise to help you better understand the tax consequences of a variety of transactional structures.

Transition structuring:

There is a myriad of ways to structure a transition—and the path you take can have a multitude of financial and tax implications. MORR can help you structure a transition in a way that works best for you business now and in the future.


Our seasoned team has years of experience in formulating creative buy-in/buy-out strategies.

Development of acquisition strategies:

If your goal is to acquire multiple locations, MORR has experience in putting together campaigns to develop an acquisition pipeline.

Assistance with identifying capital partners:

Achieve your growth objectives, without the stress of having to sign a personal guarantee. MORR works with you to identify private equity firms, or other capital partners, that can provide the additional sources of capital you need.

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